Uncovering Opportunity in the Energy Transition

Boost Energy Ventures is a trusted advisor to a wide range of clients addressing challenges and opportunities in the energy transition.

Energy unites us all; we work with those who produce, transmit and consume energy. Our clients include financial and strategic investors, asset developers, large consumers, municipalities and first nations. We provide industry-leading advisory services to help clients navigate energy markets, achieve their decarbonization goals, and profit in the energy transition.


The energy transition demands that businesses reassess their relationship with energy. Incorporating flexibility and efficiency into your operations will position your company for success in a de-carbonized economy. We’re here to help.

Asset Development

Projects require the coordinated effort of experts in a range of disciplines across multiple workstreams to create value in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Boost Energy Ventures has the expertise to help navigate regulatory, contractual, and financing challenges that are crucial for successful asset development. We thrive as part of a multi-disciplinary team that delivers projects on schedule and on budget.


Energy markets are rich with data, but few companies manage to harness it.  From extracting key insights out of big data sets to building custom, algorithm-enhanced financial models, we have the skills and resources to take your analytics to the next level.


Boost Energy Ventures produces high resolution Alberta (AESO) market price forecasts that are grounded in supply/demand fundamentals. Our forecasts provide data-driven insights into how the energy transition will change asset operations and price formation. These often serve as a foundation for work to help clients mitigate risk and capture emerging opportunities.

Boost Energy Ventures helps clients achieve their goals by producing customized solutions, drawing upon decades of multi-disciplinary expertise.

Energy Sectors

Electricity Generation

The world is undergoing an electricity generation boom. Wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, nuclear – all of these sources are needed to de-carbonize the electric grid. Boost Energy Ventures has extensive experience working across the spectrum of electricity generation projects.

Energy Storage

Energy storage will play a crucial role in the de-carbonized electricity grid. These projects are complex, with revenues generated from a variety of different sources, including load-shifting, renewable firming, ancillary services, and tariff optimization. Our expertise includes analyzing, understanding, and optimizing energy storage projects across these various markets.


Electricity and transportation are becoming increasingly intertwined.  Electric vehicles (EVs) are a major – but complex – new source of both demand and supply, distributed across thousands of vehicles and charging sites. Boost Energy Ventures can provide strategic insights and analytical solutions to develop, manage, and optimize EV services and infrastructure.


Hydrogen is a fast-growing sector of the energy transition with many important linkages to the electricity industry. Boost Energy Ventures has experience helping clients characterize market opportunities and delving into the details of asset development to find value through optimization.

Energy Intensive Industries

Boost Energy Ventures works with companies for whom electricity is a material cost – including upstream, midstream, petrochemical, agriculture, and commercial – to re-examine their relationship with energy.  Potential strategies include cogeneration, embedded generation and storage, demand response, and power purchase agreements (PPAs).  These can help reduce and de-risk electricity costs in the long-term while also reducing scope 1 and scope 2 emissions.

Energy Transition Critical Minerals

The energy transition requires new sources and unprecedented quantities of critical minerals such as Lithium.  We support clients in this space as they advance mining prospects and develop new processing technology.

Venture Capital & Start-Ups

We support founders and investors across the energy transition sector with highly customized offerings provided under a range of commercial constructs.  These include financial modelling, business model design, and other services.

PPA Advisory

PPAs are an excellent way to reduce GHG emissions and save money. We support both buyers and sellers of PPAs in understanding the PPA market, forecasting & modelling their PPAs, navigating commercial aspects of PPA contracts, and connecting buyers with sellers.

Asset & Corporate Acquisition

We provide valuation & modelling support for acquisitions & divestitures, including individual assets or large portfolios. We also support opportunity screening & selection, detailed diligence, and bid structuring.